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There is a great number of creative agencies operating on the market which offer comprehensive preparation of graphic designs for the packaging industry. We can use their services if we want to create an overprint concept. But if also need to design a new packaging in constructional terms -in most cases we are forced to use the services of R&D departments of packaging manufacturing facilities. If the company has such a department, then we can successfully implement a new design with its assistance. However, is this solution the best? Seemingly yes. We order a design, we accept it and collect ready packaging. But what happens if we want to transfer production to another company that offered us a better price? When we ask for transfer of design materials, we often encounter a problem. Who is the actual owner of the design - we or the producer... In most cases, as opposed to our intuition, it turns out that the owner is not the ordering party. Furthermore - is the proposed constructional design proposed really the best one for us? Not always. The designers employed by packaging manufacturers look at the design from the point of view of technological capabilities of their facility. They start from looking for solutions that can be implemented using the available processing machines and that they can produce in the most effective manner - “we’ll get the client convinced”☺.

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What route do we propose? We prepare the constructional design together with the Client, develop the best and optimised solution for the Client, select the proper material taking into consideration the entire logistic chain, adapt the overprint and the design prepared this way is the resold The Client sends the ready technical documentation to potential suppliers and holds a tender - obtaining the most attractive price this way. Knowing the reality of the packaging market very well, we also provide advising services at this stage.

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packaging design





structural design

Due to our great experience, our company specialises in corrugated cardboard packaging designs. Obviously, we also work with solid cardboard, but we are more experience in this matter. Corrugated cardboard is one of the most popular materials in the packaging industry, and when it comes to transport packaging - it almost has the monopoly for it. Its popularity results from the great price-benefit ratio. Thanks to the excellent structure, we can secure the product along the entire supply chain, using a relatively low amount of paper which, in consequence, translates into relatively low costs. Due to amazing advancement of print technology and die cutting processes, combined with unlimited creativity of designs, the transport packaging that used to end their life cycle at the stage of shop storages, “enter” the shop shelfs today, exposing the goods in full grace. To achieve an optimal product packaging, meeting the client’s expectations, interdisciplinary knowledge and great experience are needed. It is necessary to consider multiple factors, such as: technical capabilities of packaging production facilities, effective packaging process at the manufacturers of goods, proper resistance protecting the content along the entire supply chain, functionality for the end user as well as impact of the packaging shape on consumers’ decisions. A good packaging is a creative result of work of specialist engineers, artists and marketing specialists. Combination of these specialties, supported with latest digital prototyping and 3D visualisation technologies, allows us to provide top level services. 

structural design



Shelf Ready Packaging


Shelf Ready Packaging type products are currently one of the most intensively evolving packaging forms, each year increasing its share in the corrugated cardboard processing market. The packaging, fulling concurrently the transport and exposition function, optimising the store stock-up, provides multiple benefits for retail and discount networks. Such structures are, simultaneously, a great challenge for the structural designers, obliged to create a packaging that will secure the product in the supply chain, ensure simple and intuitive opening during shop operations as well as the best exposition on the shelf. Many years of experience in cooperation with top manufacturers and recipients of SRP packaging on the Polish market allows us to support their implementation processes onto the market in a comprehensive manner by means of preparation of structural designs, graphic adaptation, material optimisation and selection of proper production technology. We can offer comprehensive design preparation as well as share our experience in the form of technical advising.



Point Of Sale is a very vast topic, very difficult to provide an unequivocal definition for. Point Of SaleThe notion of sale supporting materials covers a broad range of various types of products such as displays, stands, shop advertisements, expositions, et. To be honest, the previously mentioned SRPs also, in a sense, belong to the broad PoS family. This is another field in which corrugated cardboard turns out to be one of the most popular materials. Using it, production, even of shorter series, is not very expensive, and with proper knowledge - it allows to obtain any shape and very high product aesthetics. At the end of their life cycle, cardboard stands and displays can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner with no problem. Looking at our logo, it is not difficult to guess that the subject of PoS is the main field of operation of our company. Structural designs, often of large-size spatial structures, require top skills and specialised tools. These designs are often labour and time consuming, but as a design studio, we are not afraid of challenges. In terms of POS - we don’t know what “can’t be done” means. Show us your vision - we will deal with the rest – we will prove that cardboard can be used to create almost anything.



graphic design


A good packaging design is the one that forms an integral whole with the structural design. At POSkł, we believe that these two activities cannot be separated. It is impossible to develop a creative vision if the graphics is applied on a previously created structural grid, and this the case for many graphic agencies. This limits the graphic designer from the very beginning, imposes frames of operation onto him/her, does not allow to cross the borders... Our approach excludes such a method. If the graphics does not fit on the packaging, the exposition area is not enough - we modify the structure to match the graphics.

graphic design

Perfect knowledge of processing machines employed broadly in the industry, such as die cutters, folders and gluers or packaging devices, allows for quick identification of potential risks for these activities, giving us certainty that the solution proposed by us will allow for problem-free, effective and cost-efficient production. Cooperation with creative graphics and creators allows us to propose multiple innovative concepts, develop interesting designs and constantly surprise our recipients. 


technical advising






technical advising




optimisation audits

Our todays reality is dominated by packaging. We are surrounding by it in our everyday life. When we go shopping, we find hundreds, thousands of its forms - from simple grey transport packaging, through, as mentioned, aesthetic and practical SRP forms, to elegant and sophisticated unit packaging. If we prefer shopping from home, we choose a comfortable and recently very popular e-commerce path. When we order perfumes, the courier brings a well-packed parcel t our doors, usually a corrugated cardboard box, designed to survive the difficulties of this specific distribution channel. When we open it, we see a beautiful solid cardboard box with a glass bottle inside - only there we find the desired product - the rest is just the packaging. There are industries where, looking at the end product, one could think that the manufacturers sell and deliver packaging and not the packed product. Optimum process flow, selection of structure, materials, packaging method can turn out to be the key element in cost optimisation of the production and logistics process. POSkł offers a broad range of services related to cardboard packaging production and use. We offer comprehensive audits, including review of applied packaging, proposal of optimisation and particular solutions reducing costs. Very often small changes in the very packaging process, through selection of the most effective and cost-efficient form of construction as well as verification of quality of selected packaging, can bring measurable benefits. Great industry experience, cooperation with research and scientific centres, allows us not only to conduct detailed audits, but also to assist in implementation of the proposed solutions. Implementation of the project, in addition to particular actions, can turn out to be a great practical method to expand knowledge and competences of the personnel, especially in terms of quality and optimised purchasing.

BRC/ISO advising

The growing consumer awareness forces the manufacturers to keep improving their production processes. It has become a standard for many companies to have ISO quality and environmental systems in place, and for suppliers for the food and related industries - HACCP standards or, even more demanding, BRC IoP (currently Packaging and Packaging Materials). As a company, we provide services in the form of audits and advising as well as comprehensive keeping of necessary documentation.


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